Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many reasons a company needs to keep its place of business clean. Top on the list is the old adage about first impressions. A dirt-filled workplace is not going to appeal to customers. Another important factor is team member satisfaction. Statistics show team members rate a positive working environment as one of the top factors in employee satisfaction. Messy or dirty work spaces do not promote positive working environments, and will not contribute to satisfied, productive team members.

While most business owners will see the need for a clean work place, there are multiple venues for achieving a dirt-free environment. Businesses might request employees clean their own areas. Not only would this cut into production time, it would likely decrease employee satisfaction. Most team members do not want to do work outside of their job description.

Businesses may make a choice to hire cleaning staff. The downside to hiring full-time cleaning staff is the business will have to pay salaries even when cleaning is not needed. The business will also have to pay benefits. In-house cleaning staff can be a large and unnecessary expense, especially for small or mid-sized companies.

A third option is to hire a commercial cleaning company. For most businesses, this is the most cost-effective option. Not only does this save businesses the expense of full-time salaries and benefits, it also provides additional resources. Commercial cleaning companies will be able to provide specialized cleaning services and equipment. If the business were running its own cleaning operation, it would have to purchase or lease such equipment.

A commercial cleaning company also provides added flexibility. The business might regularly pay for two commercial cleaning company staff to provide basic cleaning services overnight. However, during the days prior to an important inspection or client visit, the business might want a complete overhaul. The commercial cleaning company would be able to deploy dozens of employees to steam-clean carpets, provide extra care in cleaning restrooms, and detail conference areas.

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